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Default New player needs some tips

My first character was a mage that reached level 8-ish or so, then I deleted him to try a Paladin.

I didn't like him as I'm still new to the game and as a hybrid character that I didn't know what to focus on so I ditched him.

Then I started a mage again that reached level 20 and cleared the first place you get to on elf islands, having skipped the demon place since I didn't have any quests there yet.

Reading on the forums I read a post about how awesome Warriors are, so now I started one that is currently level 5. It wasn't just cause it was rumored that he was amazing, but also because the Paladin and Mage seemed a little softboiled and I like the Warrior model better.

So one of the things I don't understand about the awesomeness of the Warrior is his talent tree. The talents seem pretty specialized so that you have to choose what troops you're going to use pretty early on. For me that's a problem since I don't know what to expect towards the end of the game. So in reality perhaps 3-4 of his talents are completely wasted depending on the troops you'll get later on.

Also, I'm taking leadership whenever I can and then alternate between Rage and Attack.

What units are awesome with the warrior or just in general?
What talents are a must-have, and which ones are utterly crap?
Any cool combinations of units and\or items?

How do I proceed in a battle?
On my mage I just blasted away with 2x Lightning or 2x Ice Snakes the first round (only had one level of Higher Magic)

What spells are very usefull and with what combination of units?
Currently I have decided I will go for Distortion Magic first, but are all buff\debuff spells going to be "Mass" at level 3? I'm thinking about spells like Slow, Haste, Dragonslayer, Precision etc.

Also what magics are important to have? I'm debating wether or not to get Order Magic as well for the Mass Bless etc, but not sure if it would be a waste considering I have Distortion Magic and perhaps Chaos Magic would be better to get first (or at all).

Also while playing my mage I read here that spells like Phantom and Pain Mirror were pretty awesome spells, but I'm just not sure how I would use them and if they are worth it over some other spells instead.

I also tried out Sacrifice in combination with Resurrection, but the result was a troop well over my leadership level that went on to almost kill me.

I used to be an avid player of HoMM3, so perhaps what I'm asking is not completely newbie tips, but maybe some intermediate tips on combinations and units. And also tips on how to get trough the different stages of the game and if I should try and sneak out to an area earlier to get cool troops etc. And also how to be a warrior
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