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Royal Snakes, you can get them in the Marshan Swamp, are great.

I played a Paladin, not a Warrior, but maxing out the Mage tree to get Destroyer is very useful, every damage spell gets boosted considerably.

Definitely, focus on the Mage tree - there are good skills in the Warrior tree and you are a Warrior, so get Frenzy early on.

Do not forget about Order, Nature and Chaos magic. You will want at least 1 level in them to get the spells in your book, think of them as extra abilities. Your asset as warrior is the higher leadership, but you still need magic abilities, even if you are a warrior.

Sacrifice and Resurrection are important and useful spells. I would try to get at least 2 Order Magic to be able to resurrect level 3 troops (your snakes e.g.), too.
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