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about debate - magic school....

distortion too much underestimated, true that battle is much longer if using distortion/order but in fact I think that is quite much more fun to beat enemy with those spells than destructive chaos... (as a mage of course)

more than a half of the game a went through mostly with combination target/magic spring/stone skin/trap and order gift on inquisitors, when enemy has at least one ranged unit. that way looses are in most part of game insignificant. if enemy doesnt have ranged unit, then i use trap a lot, of course in combination with mentioned spells. trap is one of the greatest spell, it does good damage and take away action points. also, black dragons can be beaten that way more easily (with emerald dragons). in difficult fights with significant looses, i used rage potion before fight so i could use glots armour on unit with big HP (mostly Giants) and move him in first turn as a decoy. even glots armour mostly dies quickly, sometimes in difficult battles it gives significant positive state on battlefield even Giants are not good in damage, coz their high leadership and few in numbers. but, with Giants as a decoy and mentioned combination of spells, i cleared that way all freedom islands, hard part of darion (rezo, undead boy, tent, deserted castle, mage trial), mines, up&low haddar, tarion, ardan peaks, and most of elves and undead land. there were very few battles with different strategies (bosses - same spells, except target on tank unit). if lucky, best spells could come more and more and player has more good combinations of not loosing troops.

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