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Default Question about modifing sensor length

Hi I am new here.

Recently I pick up Star Wolves 3 and try to modify data of carcasses and modules and stuff searching for some new fun. I want battles in this game focus on launching missiles from far away like modern air combat, so I expand the <sensor_length> of almost all kinds of ships and fighters in carcasses.xml and start a new career to test it, but I found that AI of both side still don't turn and come to fight each other when their enemy are in expanded sensor scanning range until they get close enough like in the original game(actually a little bit longer than in the origin, but still shorter then the sensor length I set).

Did I miss any other data that needed to be modified? I also use myself to test by setting sensor length of the very beginning cargo ship I fly to 1000(which origin is 80), but I can only see other ships in 250 while the scanning circle in Tab map is big enough as 1000, I guess the ability of a pilot also do the job but it's only a guess.
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