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Originally Posted by nocalora29 View Post
My best guess would be that you should check out AI.ini in Data\AI

Potentially related values:

and probably anything else regarding distances, Im afraid I don't know much else that can help you on this matter.
Hope it helps!
It really helps! Thanks a lot!

I did a lot of test about the values in AI.ini and now computer pilots can not only engage enemy with LRM as I expected but also fire torpedo against enemy which is beyond the scanning range but detected by friendly force! And when a fighter squad is fighting, the distant friendly squad will come and join the fight instead of keeping on patrol like nothing happened, this is more realistic though may also make the game harder, but I like it~

Another little question, I want to change view control key from up down left right to WSAD, but it seems that no file can support the change, not even controls.cfg in Data\GUI, or I just haven't found it?
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