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Originally Posted by nocalora29 View Post
Glad it helped.

Im afraid if its not in controls.cfg, theres no way to change it to WASD, or atleast not a way I can think of right away.
Pity that this can not be changed...

Another question. I found out that not all the AI fighters will use missiles when they have them, usually not until the squad leader run out of missiles or die and only one itself left, some AI fighters even won't use their missiles and finally be killed after a long time dog fight.

I tried to look for the code in \Data\Scripts\AI but it's really hard for me because I don't know programming. Can you help me with this?

And is there any way I can decide which module should or shouldn't be used by NPC fighters? I want some modules being used more frequently and some never appear on those AI fighters, thanks!

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