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Originally Posted by pook View Post
I think that the only solution is total modifiability!! If Softlab not stupid, so give opportunity to complete modifiability. I will say one thing. The game has a basis. Building stone potential, but that's all. I do not think they would be able hardcore real simulator. Failed to correct physics for 10 years! It is hard we can be ready in patches .... I just laugh the developer, what prewiev video talking about physics. The man probably did not complete even primary school to talk rubbish like to shit. Sound is chaos and a headache. How to flush the toilet. Missing walkers / parked vehicles / traffic lights / life / mist / mud / thunder lightning / wind / optimization / support for all gaming devices / TrackIR / strange view from the cockpit is not set manual zoom + not position seats / multyplayer and etc etc etc ... . Base is there. Game world is interesting, but the roads very much roadblocks. Only modifiability as well as stupid game by SCS. But thanks to the modifiability these silly games live. Impossible to modifiability and if not addressed optimization, patches and any bugs, this game will flop ......

yes I think the same. I think it is very very good base,and with modding it can be very realistic sim. Just I think that developers could fix the game if they wanted. Somehow I feel that this type physic has something to do with
with that mix of arcade and simulation wich most of times comes out really bad.

Playd some more:

was driving at ~70 km/h and shifted in to reverse , the truck slowly stoped and started going backwards :]] truely a complex system of damage of all truck components.

Originally Posted by bjorn324 View Post
1c made one fault and that is release a game 50% of the buyers now don't understand. Cause we are impatient including me
It is a nice game but now you can't configure your options because you don't understand a thing of it. So a lot of things aren't configured to your profile yet, just give it a try when it's out in english.
Some guy translated almost all menu's and now it's starting to make some sense.
Controls(post :

Only the missions are a bit difficult cause I don't know what they are asking.
could you give a link to translation file, cuz I can't login to truckpol somehow.

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