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I gave up on this game when they said they ditched Multiplayer to release it quicker then projected. Yeah... How many years was it again? 6 or 7?

My friend and I were waiting for this game just for the multiplayer alone... I mean it would have been the ONLY damn trucker sim with Multiplayer...(Like Sim Multiplayer, not that crap they had with racing and arcade style games) Then bam... They took that away.

I have not played the game at all so I have not one clue on the actual game play on my computer but... I will say that all the video's and stuff lead me to believe that this is a game that USA gamers will be very disappointed at.

I think they should have gone with a more MMORPG style of game with trucking.

Just like how every Trucker Sim game has (18 WoS, The Euro, German and UK Truck Simulator, ect.), you start out with nothing but a cheep truck and hardly any cash then work your way up to make a huge enterprise of a company and own the trucking world.

Well take out the stupid AI truckers and add real life players to the formula.
Now you have actual virtual companies that are real players working together.

Talking about this may lead to a better development of a new Rig'n'Roll 2
I know they won't make a patch with multiplayer, maybe a add-on for more sales, I mean IF they fix everything were asking (and that is a big if, pun intended ) Then there would be 2 very happy Americans buying Rig'n'Roll.

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