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Default Very Disappointed

Got the US release version. Very Disappointed. No Track IR support, physics are horrible, AI drivers are horrible, rain is not enough to warrant the use of the wipers, the damn police always seem to know if you nicked someone's car, heck the police is "too much policing", they might as well be gestapo or KGB.

My fault is Im a sucker for trucking games... after 18 WOS series, i thought RNR would be like Simbin's GTR series is to trucking games... or maybe Codemaster's Dirt or Grid games. Honestly, its only half a notch better than WOS because of graphics, but its pretty much the same flat and dull trucking game that is WOS. RNR is NOT what Hard Truck or Hard Truck 2/King of the Road were during their time. HT was a game changer. And its a shame after all these years, 1C is only able to come up with a game that's only marginally better than HT by today's gaming standards.

If only I could get a refund.
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