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I for one, find this game to be horribly disappointing and no where near worth all the hype. I was getting a little tired of the same old grind in the Hard Truck games and based on a friend's recommendation and the description at GamersGate, I bought this worthless waste of HDD space. If you are running an older system, do yourself a favor and ignore the "minimum system requirements" and they are total BS. I run a Pentium 4 3.0, 4G of RAM and a GeForce 9500 and no matter that I try this game runs like a slideshow about 10 minutes into it. The sound is horrid and generic, the graphics look dated, the controls are about what you would expect from other trucking games but what really gets me is the whole concept. I may be tired of the endless nothing of Hard Truck but this game is about as unrealistic as it gets. It's an arcade race with cart style physics disguised as a trucking simulation. I did want something with more of an objective to it and when a friend suggested this as it had lot of "competition" in it, I assumed it meant competition with other companies for business, not flat out racing. Who in their right mind would race a loaded rig on public highways? WTF kind of "simulation" is this? To make matters worse, the AI is retarded and the cops and other truckers will randomly side swipe your rig and then naturally you get pulled over and fined. The worst is when you are exiting on a ramp and the truck behind you that is in 2nd decides that he can take the ramp at 80 MPH when a player with a keyboard or even a gamepad can only safely control their truck at 30 or so and you get rear ended, lose your load and get fined, then penalized because you can't get you load hooked back up and make it to the warehouse on time.

And the warehouses. WTF? I know this takes place int he near future but half the fun of a trucking sim is getting your load and hooking up. Why take that away? And why in the hell does the game take control of the rig to pull in the warehouse and then you get your load attached automatically only to have the game drive you straight into a pole or off the road by going straight instead of left or right where the road splits? Why not at least give the player control of the rig just outside of the warehouse? I can't believe I paid $36 for this worthless game. I'm warning all of my friends to stay away from this game and this developer as this is just ridiculous.
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