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Originally Posted by USA Trucker View Post
I am very anxious too, but have resigned myself to wait until January to get it. From what I have learned from some postings here, you'll have to Google a lot for translations, and there are in-game conversations along with screen selections. So rather then buy the game twice, I decided to just wait, but this is just my evaluation. For the most part, I'm very satisfied with the reviews, and most of the videos. I have not seen, or heard anything that will deter me from getting this game. Some of the negative views I feel can be fixed in later developments. Truck sound, traffic lights, and speed limit signs are among this list of improvements. Maybe even a few pedestrians crossing the street would be good also as some one else commented on.
Same for me
I want to optimize my gameplay experience and part of it is understanding what happens and understanding the storyline.

I will wait for the English release too, is there any list of countries where the game will be sold in the stores ? (because We have download limits and if I download a game of 10 Gb, I wont have much left to come the month trough)
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