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Originally Posted by novatekk View Post
I bought the game eventhough I don't speak/understand a word Russian. Navigating through the game menus isn't that hard because most games, whether in English or Russian sort of use the same layout.

As for the game itself...single missions where you have to deliver goods from A to B work fine, you pick a city to depart from, choose the goods you want to deliver, pick a truck, set the game settings (day/night dry/rain etc.) and you're good to go. I translated some of the most important menus so if you decide to buy the game I can always send them to you.

As for the career mode, I find it enjoyable but I can imagine that people who really love a good story want to understand what's really going on. For example, you'll get plenty of phonecalls where you are asked to do a side mission. The phonecall itself won't help you much but if you accept the mission you can check the map to see where you need to go. Downside is that this way it doesn't really differ from you regular delivery mission. Some goes for missions where you need to give somebody a ride. It works because you can see where you need to drop the person off but you won't be able to enjoy his story which sometimes goes on for ages

The regular delivery missions in career mode which you can get at one of the warehouses across the map work fine. Pictures in the menu will make it clear what kind of goods you're dealing with, the map tells you where to go.

I think it all depends on what you want to do with the game.
If you just want to deliver goods from point A to B, do races against AI opponents and mess around with the different game settings (day/night etc.) then the Russian release will be enjoyable. If you want to get in depth with the game, get to know the characters, exactly know what's going on etc. then I think you can best wait for the English release.

I bought the game for only 10 euros and I love doing single missions with custom settings so for me it works. I might even buy the English version as well, knowing this release only cost me a tenner.

If you have any more questions let me know.
Agreed. Finding trough the menus will be fine after a short while.
There are some translations already out, where you can check back if you are not sure what you doing.
Anyway, i absolutely agree with novatekk, doing just haulin freight from a to b is workin pretty fine, you just drive, you dont bother about the language anyway then.
doing the whole story mode, go and wait for the eu/us release.
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