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You really need to re-read my post as I made it clear on how I will go about this. I don't arbitrarily delete threads, or postings. 95% of them I relocate the proper thread, as many have found out by now. I follow the rules. It is the moderators discretion to delete duplicate, or similar threads, and posts, especially from the same poster. I don't have to confer on this. It's a judgment call. If the poster has a complaint, they can contact Nite-it, or Sneaksie. I'm quite sure they are reading my inputs/remarks, and I have not broken any rules. Frustration is one thing, flooding the board is another.

I have received numerous compliments with regards to cleaning up the board. I'm not going to stop doing my job because, a selected few choose to repeat themselves, and trash this game at every opportunity because, they have nothing better to do. You seem to dissect everything I say, and put things in that aren't there without really reading. If you read it you'll find you're in error. This is the second time you tried to make me look less then competent, or questioned my decision, and authority. I have warned you about this before. Now you can take a break for a week.
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