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Default Refresh Rate

Hi, I can play death to spies moment of truth after setting my refresh rate to 60Hz in the truthsetup program. However, my monitor doesn't support 85Hz that the original defaults to and there are no options to change it in game (I can play long enough to navigate menus before my monitor powers off to prevent damage.

Is there any program to change to 60Hz for the original (I dont have a "smershsetup" in my original games folder). Or is there some way to change the setting?

Edit: I notice that other version of the original do have a smershsetup.exe ( I looked at the MoT mod page, and saw the directory contents had it listed. My version seems different, my .exe files are called Death To Spies.exe (not smersh.exe, and no smershsetup or other setup) for the original and Truth.exe (this DOES have a setup that I am missing for the original) for the sequel, not smershaddon (like the other version).

Is this a difference between russian/english versions? It seems like this program is necessary to be able to play on certain monitors, loooking through the forums I see other people with this problem being told to look for smershsetup.exe, which is missing.

P.S I bought the game from gamersgate if that is important, it is not the disc version.

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