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Arrow What's Good About Rig ‘n’ Roll?

I guess by now everyone had their shot about what they don't like about RnR, and how bad it is for whatever reason. I think it's high time to talk about the good points of RnR. In human nature it's easy to complain then to praise, as it is easy to destroy then to create.

I'll start by the biggest plus the game has to offer. The "Scenery & Graphics" are definitely the best I've seen in a trucking game. Right down to the water-grooves on some of the highways, and night-time lighting (especially the GG Bridge). I also like the way the truck leans to one side on a turn, and bounces on bumps. I like the way my G25 reacts to bumps/curbs & dirt/grassy grounds.

I don't want to hog it all up. So, I'll leave the rest for other members. Your input is just as important as the complaints. Please list only compliments/praises on this thread. Complaints will be edited, or deleted.
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