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I would give the rocket launcher thing a shot, but there wern't any. I went back to the game and decided to run a trade between two worlds. It was a really good one and I dropped off my weapons on one to carry all the goods I could (you can prolly see where this is going). after that I cloaked my ship and jumped into a dom system to drop some probes off and grab some loot, only problem is I went without picking up weapons. Right before I jumped back I saw that the last system was taken over. I went on for another for a couple months cloaked while probing planets (heh heh). I never did find any weapons before the probes broke, I waited 14 years hoping one of the systems would be taken back. It never happened and I had to start over :/

This time I'm adjusting to "hard" rather than "hardboiled" for dom difficulty, lol
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