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I don't have a finish date, but I have finished 6 maps and only need 2 more. I'm still thinking how to finish the storyline in the last maps. It's a fun story IMO, about pirates and the global climate change.

There are

- 5 bosses (Turtle from the Legend and stronger, Kraken, Spider, Frog, Lizzard)
- several Heroic Battles which is strong Heroes where you cannot retreat or use rage skills.
- new arenas with new tactics.
- 30 Heroes or so. They have info on them what they use of spells and their strength and weakness like +1 Ini or -1 Morale etc.
- 30 quests or so.
- it will not be as hard as Hylfire in the beginning. It will be manageable to start with, but you have to pick your fights.
- some building need a fight before u can buy from it. Some treasures are guarded with creatures that doesn't chase you, so you cannot pick before fight, others u can pick.
- I have balance some creatures according to some players guide to creatures, I found a guide that described weaknesses etc, for instance, the Knight also has RUN with just 1 extra move, since they were very slow. Druid has more summoning and more ranged damage etc... I will make a post here, so you can comment, if something needs more balance. I will like comments!
- the fun Bonfire-creature sounds are implemented (made by Terroin's own recording of his voice in his studio, but altered).
- Difficulty is 125% / 170% / 210% / 250% creature strength, off course you cannot compare completely to Crossworld, but it is more difficult. Impossible is not necessary to get a challenge. I would pick Hard the first time...
- it is shorter than Crossworld with 8 maps, so you will probably be around level 35 when you finish. Anyway I dont like too long games myself, WoTn was too long IMO, I never finished...

It took some time to understand the questmaking system, but it is easy now. And the creatures have 'paths' like in Crossworld or any KB game, where creatures move around (I didn't know how do that in Bonfire). Also the Bosses is something I found out. It used to be Terroin who did the serious stuff, I only did the mapmaking in Bonfire, but this is my own creation. The Turtle from the Legend I made stronger and with a little surprise... I haven't made completely new bosses, that would take more serious modding, and want to choose my time on finishing it first. Then we will se in updates. I have tested all the quests etc. - I test each map for the worst errors before the playtest. I only expect to have balance issues in the playtest and small errors. For instance is the game too easy or difficult in the end? It should get harder. I hope to get playtesters...

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