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Originally Posted by PanterACFH View Post
Well, having played the demo, I must say, it is AWESOME and I cannot wait until the full version comes out.

In regards to the free roam, can the developer's just remove the tapes, signs and poles from the land and allow a unrestricted free roam option.

In the demo, if you try and go backwards, it resets you after a few seconds, same if you stray too far off the track.

If you cannot remove the tapes, signs and poles (can't see why you wouldn't be able to), just allow a mode which removes the penalty for driving backwards or straying off the track.

I will still be buying this game on PC and Xbox, it is a massive improvement over the previous games. Keep it the great work !!

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Ya thats a good idea. I want to be able to have a mode where I can just tear off in any direction. If I see sa rock wall away from my track I wanna be able to go into free mode and crawl that wall!
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