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Default A few question

Originally Posted by Sneaksie View Post
To my knowledge, k-factor release is not scheduled because of problems with Tomorrow War and no developers to fix them. If you like the game, i suggest complete it first (it should be possible with the fix) and if you really want the factor k, you can buy the Russian version online, like many people are buying Russian version of RigNRoll right now prior to international release.
Here it is in 1C Russian online store, 200 roubles are less than $7. Clouds are really georgeous
OK i´m thinking on buying k-factor, but i have some questions:

- russian k-factor is compatible with european tomorrow war (TM in advance)?

- if i install rusian k-factor over european TM the english text could be dissapear? (I mean loose the traduction in TM)

- will k-factor address the most bugs that tomorrow war has? i mean, will i play TM with clouds an no bugs.

- if k-factor address the bugs, do we need to install your fix patch for TM?

P.S: for my it,s difficult to buy something on a russian store, because me russian level is 0 is there any other site or store in english?

Thanks In advance.
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