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Originally Posted by Jatta Raso View Post
no Spit IIa ?? i think the blues have enough advantages already...

i'm all in favor of historical settings, but the only historical thing of these settings is the set of AC names in a list; the general performance of the AC has nothing of historical, i highly doubt this choice will portrait anything close to reality; don't want to sound harsh but i would rather have a performance balance closer to reality, instead of adjusting the AC availability to match a names list of a given time frame.

or to put it simpler, no Spits IIa at this time doesn't match or try to come close to historical performance balance, and gameplay wise it's also a not very good idea
Actually, I just did a bit more research into this and asked some of our other guys in 501/64 and the Spitfire IIa wasn't really in action near the south until Oct.

First IIas showed up in service in August, but they were not near 11 group in the south until October-ish, as far as I can find in my lookings.

So in the interests of the historic, I'd prefer not to see the IIa in action in this campaign after all. That doesn't mean I think we're not in for a beating, but I'm all for the idea behind not including it: historical as possible. FMs are borked, but we can't help that.

I'd rather have a Spit I anyway Two-stage prop for me!
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