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Default Any chance of a patch addressing 64 bit operating systems?


Like many others, I run a 64 bit operating system and thus I can't play Kings Bounty.
I've been through all the different possible solutions, so I know there's no patch, DirectX or NVIDIA update or .ini tweak I can do to make it work.

So my question is - will there be a patch to address the issue?

With 3 gb and more RAM becoming increasingly common, the issue must hit a great deal of people...


Edit - Actually, here are some numbers:

So more than 20% of Steam users run a 64 bit operating system. And more than 40% of them have 3 gb and more of RAM.
How about giving the developers a bag of money to fix this? Seems like Kings Bounty is doing pretty well, at least it gets a lot of press and visibility so I can only assume it is.

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