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Default Any new Helicopter games coming out?

Hey anyone heard of a new helo game coming out?

I'm dyin here!! I played the crap outta Search and Rescue Vietnam Med-evac and I was SO excited about WoV but it was not what I was looking for. I only wish they would have made a better S&RVME! I know people like blowing stuff up but I wanna fly Hueys into the battle field and pull out wounded or drop off reinforcments. I think shooting stuff is for plane flight sims or outta the side door of a huey. Flying a helocopter would be alot of fun trying to manuver the chopper into a hard landing spot and getting the wounded on board and trying to get them back to the hospital in time. And/Or picking up troops at the base and dropping them off at the front lines to help the troops on the ground that might be in trouble. I think with a little imagination that a game like this could be made with todays technology. More of an open world game that lets you do the things you enjoy rather than the WoV point A to point B follow the leader type game. You could still have the A.I. pilots flying the same type of missions that you are and that would give some air traffic and help the " dynamic" battlefield to ebb and flow. I know I know I dreamin but there hasn't been a "good" helo game for way too long and I think that they need to make a better effort at this type of game than they have. WoV was a good thought but.... There is alot more ideas that could make a game like this very fun for thos of us who like the Vietnam era helos but I will stop my dreaming in you ear.

Yes I have seen DCS Blackshark but again... shooting stuff from 5 miles out is not my idea of fun.. It never has been for me. Il2 was awesome but the whole modern plane sims never really grabbed me.

Anyway just my 2 cents.. hope some of you agree and would like to see a good Med-Evac Helo game come out.

Thanks for your time guys peace
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