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Originally Posted by Minecontrol View Post
I would have to disagree with you here, i did KBAP Imposs noloss with mage and i never used the destruction skill tree at all (except once or twice when i needed to use a low level flame arrow to whittle down the last few troops of the last stack)... I just realised i don't even know what many of the spells look like in effect (like the black-something high level one that affects living enemies).

Your key spells, the most important ones - are less than 10 in number. For me they are Phantom, Stoneskin, Divine Armour, Magic Spring, Turn back Time (most powerful spell in game), dispel, heal, teleport, maybe blind and a few others i can't recall just now.

Ie they are Status affecting spells which scale well with increasing leadership. Simple Stoneskin is arguably the most game changing spell there is.

The advantage of the Mage is Higher Magic, nothing else.
Lies. The final and most powerful advantage of the Mage is the most scantily clad portrait to look at.
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