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Originally Posted by B16Enk
We here will buy regardless of the publisher, it's how 1C get it to people who don't know of their fine pedigree that is the question.
Maybe we should all do our bit in our own areas to spread the word. Tell your friends, their friends, the next door neighbours kids, whoever. Imagine how impressed 1C will be if they think that each of us here might well make more sales for them, as well!
Personally, I've ensured 5 sales of 1946, just by convincing people to buy it - some people, believe it or not, are easily convinced.
One of my sales methods, the easiest, but involves a bit of time hanging out in your local PC game store - you see someone who is looking, and they don't look too sure, i.e: a mom or dad, looking to buy a game for their kids, something like that. I then go up and offer my advice; Try this great flight sim - you get to shoot stuff too!! ' Almost too easy - they believe me because I believe myself, and I don't even work in the PC store, therefore I don't have the obvious ulterior motive for my advice -
The other sales was me convincing some mates to buy it.
They are all way impressed, and why not? It's a kickass product!

So, if I worked for 1C, and I saw what kind of people (via this forum) were buying the results of my hard work, and how much they appreciated it, I would definitely be wanting to do my best to keep them impressed, and not let them down. This forum is our best opportunity to 'impress' 1C, and in a very subtle way, make them 'want' to make their product even better for us!
The opposite also stands true, if we all behave like a bunch of spoilt-brat whiners, they might not be that worried about keeping us happy...

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