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I have personally bought 5 copies of 46, 3 copies of the GOLD pack.. and two of FB when it first came out.... all as gifts... Not to mention all te recommendations.. When I worked at Best Buy I set up a PC with FB on it and looped the tracks to just run... I cant tell you how many times folks would be walking by and stop dead in their tracks... I sold lots of video cards, RAM and joysticks that way.. not to mention copies of 46. LMAO.. I used to even intercept people I saw grabbing... the MSCFS... "No you dont want that.... this is what you want... " One guy went home.. and promptly came back.. he wound up getting CH,TIR etc.. and still flies to this day on HL... Most of the people though who bought it... either couldn't hang with it or didnt give it time.... or they remain anonymous....
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