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Originally Posted by roadczar View Post
Before the last (14550) patch the sim was unflyable on my rig at any graphic settings. The issue was not with frame rates it was the stuttering.
My guess, with your rig at 1920x1080 on medium settings you should be getting average of 40 - 50 FPS. One thing I've noticed even with 14550 patch that disabling mirror significantly improved the smoothness of rendering.

Thanks I was being dumb i forgot to update my ATI drivers. Once i updated to 11.5 I got almost the same performance that the OP for this thread did almost his cards are better then mine so I got just a bit more stutter with everything on but MAN was it fun to fly a complete mission With just a bit of tweaking im sure i can get it to run smooth as silk 50+ fps and with future improvements may even be able to run it with full graphics switches (fingers crossed) wooooooot if feels good to be back in the air again

here is my performance single Brit campaign mission with everything on full 1920x1080.
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