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I copied the script in Notepad and saved it under ANSI

You can use Notepad++ which is recommended by the RoF team so maybe Maddox coders are using it, and perhaps save documents in the Unicode Big Endian format, again I've seen the RoF devs recommend this format - because of the Cyrillic characters probably but anyway-

Did you create a mission and then did you paste the copied text into the Scripts window?

I say this because your error was '...cannot directly contain members' - you may be doing something else with the text than pasting it in

Have the script-page Internet Explorer (or whatever browser) open, have the FMB running too - use Alt + Tab to switch between them to paste the text into the SCript tab edit window. Copy the script text by using the Ctrl + c trick, then in the FMB open the Scripts tab and do the Ctrl + v trick to paste the text in there. Select the block of text before hitting Ctrl + c to copy selected text to your Clipboard. Sorry if the grandmothers and eggs rule applies!

Make a simple mission with just one plane ready to roll and set it to Player pilot and so on, takeoff and damage the plane, see if the vehicles turn up at your crashed plane

Give me a PM shout if you're stuck and I'll send the mission on to you

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