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Originally Posted by JtD View Post
Not really a question of what performance did the plane have, but rather of what performance the pilot chose to get out of it. I'd be surprised if he went all out all the time for several reasons, but then I don't see any information about it, and I don't want to get involved in speculation.

However, I would want to warn anyone to draw and insist on general conclusions based on an anecdotal piece of evidence where parts of the most important information are missing. This hardly ever helps to clarify anything, yet often is very misleading.
Hi JtD,

I just based my interpretation of performance on details like " I openend the throttle full", "a moment later exhaust smoke poured from the Spit as the pilot came after me", granted Johnson knows what he's talking about, being a succesful fighter pilot.

But it's clear that we would need more specific information to have a definite word on the subject. My point was just that perhaps the P47 could hold the fight against a Spitfire by using its advantages i.e. dive acceleration and top speed, better zoom climb performance.

And i must insist that i am not discussing a point here in order to change something in the game: that is not my purpose at all.
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