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And i must insist that i am not discussing a point here in order to change something in the game: that is not my purpose at all.
Il2 FB is a 10 years old game. And Cliff of Dover will be better in FM,DM etc. Isn't it? We shouldn't expect too much on an old game...

With regard to P47's pilot, Robert S. Johnson, he is so famous that easy to find his information.

1945, Robert was an ACE, but in 1943 April, he was indeed a rookie pilot in P47.

His first combat, first meeting Luftwaffe was may 14th 1943. What a rookie pilot was he at that time!

But on May 14th, he received his baptism of fire, a "ramrod" (bomber escort) over Antwerp, which the Germans usually defended. Three 16-plane squadrons of the 56th went up that day, to help shepherd a force of about thirty B-17s. As they flew over the Dutch coast, heavy flak opened up, ripping into the bombers flying at lower altitude. Hub Zemke, leading the flight, plunged after some bandits, with Johnson and the other two members of the flight "glued to his tail." Eight more German planes came after Zemke's flight, and the four Thunderbolts turned to meet them head on. The antagonists flashed by each other, firing, and Johnson's guns stuck in the 'ON' position despite his repeated flicking of the arming switch. As he hammered on the trigger and switches, trying to shut off his guns, two Focke-Wulfs passed through his bullet stream and were damaged. When Johnson finally got his guns off, he was alone. He had been constantly warned against this exact predicament, a novice pilot alone and at low altitude to boot.

Looking for friendly aircraft, he spotted eight blunt-nosed fighters and sped towards them, in hopes of joining up. His recognition skills needed work, because they were FW-190s. He firewalled the throttle and headed the other way. Keeping maximum speed all the way across the Channel, he gratefully landed, only to have Hub Zemke chew him out for undisciplined flying. It hadn't been Johnson's intention, but this mission began his reputation in the Group as a 'wild flier.'
Before his first combat,he failed in fighter pilot's gunnery test. Poor Robert. LoL

Later that month(May 1943), he and several other pilots who had not completed the fighter pilot's gunnery requirement, went to Goxhill (a miserable place, full of coal dust) for gunnery instruction. They practiced shooting at a towed target sleeve, but he never "got the hang of it," achieving a high score (against the sleeve) of 4.5%, below the requirement of 5%. Thus, the second highest scoring ace of the ETO never actually qualified as a fighter pilot! (And the top ace, Gabreski, had almost washed out of flight training in 1941.)
In April 1943, our rookie Johnson who has ZERO combat experience, beat a new spitfireIX(so probably 18lbs boost, not 15lbs) in a mock combat. The spitfireIX's pilot was a RAF pilot who was sent to The 56th Fighter Group airfield to teach those American(many of them without combat experience in ETO).

The RAF fliers helped orient them to combat in the ETO, and on one memorable day, Johnson out-maneuvered a Spitfire pilot,using the Thunderbolt's superior barrel-roll and diving capabilities to get behind the more agile Spitfire. Shortly, the Group moved over to Kings Cliffe airfield, and flew it first combat missions in mid-April, 1943.
Would RAF send rookie pilots without combat experience to orient Americans in ETO? It's an international joke. Even this joke is true. Robert Johnson was also a rookie pilot at that time. FairPlay.

My interpretation is that, in a 1v1 low altitude dogfight, an experienced RAF pilot flied new 18lbs boost SpifireIX, was beaten by a American rookie pilot in a P47C by the tactic named "dive extension/pitch back" before mid-April 1943 when 56th Fighter Group had never met Luftwaffe.

The Luftwaffe along english channel in April 1943, on the other hand, was elite. For example, JG26 "The Abbeville Boys".

But Johnson said" But coming out of a dive, there's not a British or a German fighter that can come close to a Thunderbolt rushing upward in a zoom. "

Thus we don't need to suspect the level of RAF's pilot. Imaging RAF pilot using only 60% throttle in zoom in that famous mock combat is also amusing.

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