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When dropping more than one (I use 2 50kgs for tankers) you have to get rid of your bomb delay, drop it to zero with decrease bomb distributor delay.

You can hit them 2 ways. One is skip bombing at wave height, 90 degrees off the ship aiming for the stern where there are no masts, get in as close as you can without hitting them and pull up, just use trial and error and also look for ATAG_Dutch's video on skip bombing in a blenny ju88 convoy attack video.

2nd is come from behind in a shallow dive, the steeper the dive and higher the speed drop when stern is at the shaded mark on gunsight; less speed or shallow dive drop when ship hits the frame of your nose...again trial and error.

You can increase your chances by dropping up to 4 50s at a time, 1 250 or my fav 1 500.

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