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Well that's what I sort of figured. I've only seen reference to the 7.7mm MG's

As far as the Kokoda campaign went, as well as mortars the Japanese also had their demountable Model 92 and 94 70mm Mountain guns which they dismantled and humped (and used) all the way to Ioribaiwa ridge!

Compared to the Japanese the Australians were woefully ill-equiped on the Kokoda Track. It wasn't until the Japanese were insight of Port Moresby that they encountered the Aussie 25 Pounders that had been moved on to Imita.

The most firepower Australians had was their Bren guns (The Vickers deemed too heavy) and they also had issues with their own mortar rounds. Several air-dropped rounds exploded in the tubes because the safety stage of the fuses had been set off during their rough landings.

From that point on the diggers could only use rounds that had been carried in by hand.


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