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Originally Posted by Skoshi Tiger View Post
Just wondering if anyone has heard or read any accounts of Japanese ground forces using a tripod mounted 13mm (Around .50cal) machine gun in action in the Pacific theatre?

Their navy did have a type 93 13.2mm MG and I have seen a photo of one mounted on an "Army Tripod" but would it have been something the troops would have taken into battle?

The reason I'm asking is my Dad is putting together his memoirs from his time on the Kokoda Track and he remembers coming under fire by a large caliber MG that was cutting down saplings around them. We were trying to identify what it could be. The Japanese forces include army and marine forces.

From my quick look they should be using the type 92 heavy or 99 light MG both 7.7mm and the type 96 in 6.5mm.

Another posibility would be a gun scavenged from a downed aircraft??? On occasion the Australian forces took advantage of what they could find.

Anyone know any good links to look at? Any input welcome!

Possibly captured weapon being used ?

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