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Originally Posted by MicroWave View Post
Don't worry about it. At least we have units of time in common.
Well, until someone decides that 24 hours per day makes no sense and we should introduce new hour unit which will be 10 new hours per day, 100 new minutes per new hour and 100 new seconds per new minute.

Of course, working hours will still be 8 new hours per day. So people can more easily adjust to new time measuring units.
Lol, be careful what you wish for! If you do all of that to change how clock time is scaled, then you'll have to change how maps and charts are scaled, too. The tick marks on the face of a watch and the tick marks on the grid of a chart go hand-in-hand, and fundamentally represent the same thing.

Then you'd have to completely reprogram GPS so that ships bringing iPhones from China don't get lost, so that teenagers don't become (more) psychotic. Argh!
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