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Originally Posted by RickRuski View Post
Probably your graphics card would struggle with performance. As I understand the 5670 comes in 2 versions: -


If yours is the 512mb version then don't bother with C.o.D at the moment, it would end up a stuttering mess. C.o.D needs at least 1gb of v/ram to play successfully, many of us with 1gb cards are finding the demand from this sim makes even the 1gb marginal.
You can turn down the settings so that lower spec pc will run it ok, but the main problem is the graphics card.

Can you post what the rest of your system is? you will also need 4gb of system ram as well.
I have 4 G Ram,with a E6550 Core 2 Duo 2.33 GHz,is that good enough? And yes it's the 1 G version.And is there anything official about the AMD Radeon 5670 support? Would not like to buy it for nothing.

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