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Originally Posted by RickRuski View Post
Sorry for the delay Wizz, I had a similar system to what you have before an upgrade about 18 months ago. It will run, but not on full settings (you will probably have to try medium to start with). Your card is equivalent to the gts 450 that I'm using but your processor is a lot slower (mine is 3.4). This is a great sim with good graphics and features, it will just take a bit of time to get the best performance from your system (trying different settings). There are plenty of people here that will help you through the process. The main thing is to make sure that you get it updated through "Steam" to the latest version. After you have the latest version there will be no further updates as this sim has been abandoned by 1c studios (shame, as it showed just what a good sim should be like. Guess that profits before all else was the deciding factor).
Thanks for the reply Rick,i recently got a new Core 2 Duo 3.0 GHz so I should be able to run it better,thanks again Rick!
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