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Originally Posted by Feathered_IV View Post
Interesting how this applies to Il-2 and SoW.
The modding boom of so called cheaters and hackers will ensure that the series is going to last for many, many years to come.
I just hope that Oleg understands the power of third party additions now and how they can add to the long term success of a title. SoW needs to have a system built in whereby mods can be added and removed with ease.
The mods are creating and sustaining a smallish and somewhat insular online community who probably WILL stick with the sim for many years to come.

But its a very small group in gaming terms who are very defensive and immediately attack anyone who dares make any criticism of them. There must be several hundred thousand copies iof the game out there by now but I doubt there are more than a few thousand regular players using the mods. There seem a hard core of dedicated hardworking people who are genuine historical flight sim fans and a following of fanboys running around going "OMG I can get nukes now wow awesome".

Personally I doubt mods will have much to do with the "long term success of the title" the game sells for less than $10 these days in bargain bins and almost none of those casual purchasers will have even heard of the mods.

What the mods HAVE done is revived the online community a bit. But so what really.

Even if the mods were somehow responsible for an upsurge in the commercial success of Il2-1946 it is questionable as to whether pure commercial success should always be the arbiter of all decisions. If money were the only governing factor in publishing books and movies all we would ever see is porn horror and trashy romance.
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