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It is not possible to stop all piracy.

If the powers that be (government) made it a point to shut down the P2P and torrent sites they would stop the largest percentage of piracy.

It would not be hard to do. As long as the P2P software, sites and torrents are going full steam nothing will change.

Face it, there are a zillion links to these sites loaded with pirated software, music, movies and other valuable content. Google, Yahoo, Alta Vista, and other search engines could cause major difficulty for finding those sites. The sites could be stopped or prohibited. The majority of people would not make extraordinary efforts to find the piracy purveyors.

Google, Yahoo and others could definitely be forced to do something about referrals to the piracy sites. All the major players with piracy problems could cease to advertise with those search engines. It wouldn't take long to see the end of most of the piracy sites, especially the big ones.

98% of the piracy could be stopped poste-haste, and would probably satisify most complaintants. Microsoft has known for years about piracy and pretty well ignored it. MSFT does have better licensing for their products, because they haven't been able to pursuade anyone with authority in any country to do anything about piracy.

Actually, I think you could stop about 50% of piracy right now, by shutting down about 10 sites.

The problem is "stinking thinking". Shutting down piracy, is discussed as a 100% shutdown. It is just stupid to think it can be prevented altogether.

However, if nothing is done it will continue. We'll continue to get the Starforce kinda junk or worse still the stuff used on Alienware.

I don't look at MODS as piracy. If the MODS included the game or complete software, YES.

MODS maybe contrary to Copyright laws to some respect, but they are definitely not piracy as I view it.

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