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Originally Posted by jahes64 View Post
Ok, thanks for uploading that file.

Originally Posted by jahes64 View Post
Ok, I decompiled all those 4 files and then compared them with "total commander", and it found at least 100 differences in each file!

After some testing I figured out that {X}{p} is dealing with position of stacks! Probably x,y and z along with their decimals make that number.

So a simple replacement of that number did the job and now everything is alright.

Now I am off to read modding forum and play previous installment a few times before trying to mod the game. Developer really have abandoned the game midway! Warriors of the north along with its expansion was the best in series (though companion part of it was its biggest flaw).
Read my post here:
Fantastic find here! So {X}{p} is the position - that is good to know! I tried to see if the number of hexadecimal values was divisable by 3, but it has 16 values, so I'm not sure how the x, y, and z coordinates are generated from that number. That's where the editor came in handy for you though, since it generates those numbers for you.

Great job figuring all this out - I think you now see that using KB_DB_EDIT for small changes works wonders as long as you know what to change!

The editor can help with figuring things out or if you want to do a big mod like the Red Sands people did, then you pretty much have to use the editor.

Keep plugging away and post your progress from time to time!

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