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Default New York doesent work??

Alright i past all other cityes in Scenario on Modern/Hard and i get to New York. I start the race also on Modern first time on High than on Medium and last at Easy but is not working is what happens...alright is 1vs1 so i figure out how to take him out as fast as possible...i take him out in 1 lap...and i continue driving...and on map i dont see him anymore...i past lap 1 and when i cross the finish line to start lap 2 it come "You Lose" every that a bug or what??Or i need to drive all 3 laps and in last lap i need to destroy him??Hm that is hard even with my car all full upgraded and one of the fastes/armored/weapon cars in the game...please help..i want to finish the last race and get the last car..."Boss"
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