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The issue is you should never need multiple installations.
I've NEVER had multiple installations. I've been able to back-patch, forward-patch, and even activate mods with...


This is the first time I've ever needed 2 installations.
My main install is natural 4.13.x. With a couple clicks, I can be 4.09m, 4.10, 4.12m (for HSFX), and then activate HSFX with another click.

Usually IL2 installations can be backdated / retro-verted with a single click that moves literally 1-4 files.

Originally Posted by dimlee View Post
This "Tolwyn accident" is a reminder about rules of safety. Back up or be sorry...

Actually, this game is very convenient in terms of installation. Make several of them, as many as your disk can sustain, each version you like, modded or stock.
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