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Yeah, i agree phoenix is worthless. Even with 65 int mage, ancient phoenix barely survive verona fight againts lv 25 ish hero.

As for int, i agree that int is useless for paladin, yup, leadership is the best way.

Leadership + summoning 3 + phantom paladin/rune mage/inquisitor is much better alternative for resurecting than a lv 3 resurection with the maximum possible int a paladin can accumulate. Though there is a rare case in which resurection is better.

Summoning 3 basically increase 50% the number of your unit summoned by phantom, a no brainer choice if you go for phantoming.

I don't do the exact math, buf from seeing the fact itself, lv 3 phantom that has 45% effect will become 67%, 22% more, that's insanely a lot more (exactly 50% more unit, this means 50% more to the power of its resurection ).

i think he did mention only black knights, so it's solo black knight.

As for black knight, i agree that you don't really need darkness set, and as a paladin you can't wear it due to lack of artifact slot.

As for initiative and speed, many other things can help (spells and items). Same with critical. Paladin class has prayer which increase critical by 10%, indeed it's half of the +2 morale from darkness set, but still better than nothing.

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