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Originally Posted by MrBlister View Post
there are no ancient vampires for sale anywhere and no one will upgrade the regular ones for me.
I got four in my first game on like the second island. I obviously used them up and it was a blast. I even had the vampire sword. Much later I found the vampire ring and was all stoked, but yeah, no more ancient vampires in the world.

So, I'm like, it's ok, I also completed the demon set. I'll just go get some sweet archdemons and succubus instead of vamps, and whip some ass! Nope again--the warrior counter-attack skill says it works with humanoids, but apparently the archdemon and demoness aren't considered humanoids. Really? Is it 'cause they have tails or something?
I'm not even sure what is considered humanoid. Imps, orcs, dwarves, fairies and lycanthropes are humanoid, but lizardmen and some demons aren't.

I mean, it's still kinda fun. The demoness's crit for 16-18k, and they crit frequently (wish the demon tongue was a part of the demon set instead of the salamander banner--such a miss there).
Yeah, I modded the set to do just that, actually. I found the salamander banner and was like "wow this kinda blows, the demon tongue is loads better" so I felt it was fair. I also changed demonesses to have 3 speed and a 20% charm effect on the normal attack (a la Dryad) although enemies still counter if you charm them, yet you deal zero damage. Three-way and no-retaliation would be apt for a succubus, but I think that's a bit too ambitious.
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