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Default Angry Hedgehog: Sat, Dec 22, 15:00 GMT

Hot off the press!

In a nutshell, the Russians are coming! Please post below if you wish to participate. If you can put a squadron together (6 players or more) -- great! Let me know, plus who your Squadron Leader is so I can PM him the assigned airfield and task assignment. Further details to follow.


Re: Angry Hedgehog Update Info
It's gonna be great!

I'm still putting things together. Keeping it simple:

1) Map: The Battle of Britain mission (exactly the same as the one on Server #1). Here's the link:

2) Date/Time: Saturday, Dec 22nd, 3:00 p.m. GMT (= 7:00 p.m. Moscow time, 10:00 a.m. EST).

3) I spent some time last night on this mission charting out all the aircraft types allotted to each airfield. I'll print this up later today with Red squadron assignments. Vit_Unit can do the same with his Russian crew.

4) Targets to hit and targets to defend are laid out in the Mission Briefing at the link above. Each squadron must appoint a Squadron Leader, who will be assigned a task (or two) and an airfield to take off from. I will leave it to the Squadron Leaders which of the airfield's aircraft his squadron will use, and how best to accomplish his squadron's assignment. Anyone who prefers to fly Blue I suggest to contact Vit_Unit directly by PM so he can assign you to a Blue Squadron/airfield/assignment.

5) Rules: Very few.

A) Spawn time is 3:00 p.m. GMT. If possible, we'll go to Server #2 (if it can handle all the players) and have it passworded. I'll update this after conferring with ATAG Admin.

B) Deaths: the idea is to have fun, not get sidelined because of a bad spawn or taxiing accident with a fellow team mate (in which case just respawn in a fresh aircraft) We'll go on the honour system here. If you die in combat, please leave the server. That means anything related to combat: shot down, flak, collision (other than taxiing as mentioned earlier), collision with terrain, etc. The idea is to place a high value on your "virtual life", which will affect the chances you'll take when engaging the enemy and/or targets. I won't referee who's alive or who's dead. If you suspect an opponent is "cheating" and has respawned unfairly: shoot him down with extreme prejudice. We'll decide who was right or wrong in Le Havre's International Court later.

C) Victory will be decided by which side accomplishes its mission objectives first (the same way the server decides every mission now)

D) Have fun!

That's it for now. Stay tuned on this channel.

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