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Originally Posted by TCarter View Post
Although I try not to correct peoples spelling, I felt the need to do so with your post.

it's "DIDN'T" or "didnt"(if your lazy and dont wish to use the ' key).

deedent is not even close.

Good day to you, as I am sure you are either very young, or english is not your first language.
I have read his previous post (#1 on this thread), and he speaks good English. I assume he was just using slang of some sort, or making a joke. I have heard people talk like that in just. Please don't be so harsh to judge, otherwise people will look at every post you make with a microscope. I never corrected someones spelling, or grammar, unless I'm perfect (and I'm not), or provoked. Please be a little more considerate. This was un-called for. You too can be accused of improper English, but I won't point them out. People that live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Let this end here, and now.

Please do not retaliate. It stops here. The point has been made.
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