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Originally Posted by tintifaxl View Post
GPU drivers for MacOSX don't deliver as much gaming performance as the Windows/Bootcamp drivers do. This is my experience with Snow Leo and an ATI 4850 in a 27" i5 iMac. Apples biggest priority for MacOSX is stability, not gaming performance.
The main reason for this is that windows games run on Direct X and mac and linux both run on OpenGl. It has been confirmed through extensive testing that currently, Direct X is the faster API, so at the moment, windows games will ALWAYS run faster than mac or linux games. This may change if OpenGl begins to overtake DirectX sometime in the future, but its the state of affairs for now. I use both linux, mac and windows, but I would never even contemplate gaming on linux or mac...not at the present at least. I wish there was more development on mac and linux though, it might make the industry push the technological and competitive sectors farther, away from those stupid consoles and to better games and performance on all computer platforms.
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