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Originally Posted by Neverwin View Post
Anyways the Force Feedback still doesn´t work correctly so indeed the game is broken for Logitech Momo wheel.
But it works for my MOMO??? And I did it like this (the usual, not deleting folders or files first or afterwards...)
Do you have the Black or the Red MOMO??? (I believe there are 2 versions of MOMO... I have the Black)

I downloaded game via Steam.
Started the game.
Select the MOMO in the options menu (and also pressed ENTER or klik on the icon down right on screen)
Noticed it did not work correctly.
Quit game.
Started Logitech Profiler.
Create new profile and add ShippingPC-PP3WorkGame.exe to it. (can be found in your install map, mine was steam so: steam\steamapps\common\off-road drive\Binaries\Win32\)
After that tweaked the saturation and dead end options (in profiler)
After that I runned the game (via profiler)
Went back to the option menu to set the buttons correct.
Started a race and everything works fine!

I did not do it in any other way, and thus did not delete any folders or files or...

Hope this works for you
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