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Originally Posted by GinXeng View Post
Because they are full of shit. I guess you haven't been around as long as I have to know these guys change release dates more then they do with their underwear. Which is pretty strange, seeing as most of them are rumored to be incontinent
Well, I think I've been long enough. Lets see, when I started following this game development, I was still at school... So that makes it at least 2005/2006. Believe me, I know how long it takes for them to create the game. The thing you should pay attention to, is that every past date was only approximate, so, they only hoped to finish the game until that time. Now, the game is clearly close to an end (remember the letter from Igor, where he said, that some copies of game was handed out to test it?), and they gonna make that deadline. Think about it .

More personal question: have you ever overestimated your capabilities to finish some sort of a task? Have you ever had and ambitious "project" or something? And when you come to that realization, that you can't make it in time, you can choose several pathways to proceed:
1. Give up - you can just give up, and screw the whole project. It's just impossible.
2. Compromise - you can make compromises, lower your ambitions, leave out things, that could have made your project really special, but finish the work. And have something average.
3. Don't give up on your initial goal - you can go, and try to complete everything that was intended the best you can. And that's the hardest thing to do.

I actually don't know, how much does this Rig'n'Roll situation obey this situation I've made up. But I would be happy to know, that guys chose 3rd path (well, I believe some compromises had to be made anyway), witch to me seems they did.

And Nike-it: I want international release date soon! Oh my, we need this game as much as the Russian public does . My, oh my
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