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Originally Posted by Oldschool61 View Post
Hows your fps with other planes in the immediate vicinity? My fps is good until other humans are nearby (i only fly online, no single player here) then it drops like a rock to near single digits. One minute 25-40+ fps then a couple planes enter the area and drop to 8-14 fps. This is much worse over ground at under 1K but becomes unplayable while others are close by.

I dont know why a few human controlled planes can cause such a drop in fps?
I think that you experience that because of the slow processor.
On this video you can see similar situation that you described, recorded on unlocked phenom x4 B55(practically same as yours) and slower graphic card 5770.
Game settings was mid to high and processor is OC'ed at 3.5 GHz.
What I saw on some benchmarks(not mine) on every 500 MHz of speed you got gain of 7-8 frames in average and smother gameplay.
This was recorded before beta.

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