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Originally Posted by Oldschool61 View Post
... My fps is good until other humans are nearby (i only fly online, no single player here) then it drops like a rock to near single digits. One minute 25-40+ fps then a couple planes enter the area and drop to 8-14 fps. This is much worse over ground at under 1K but becomes unplayable while others are close by.

I dont know why a few human controlled planes can cause such a drop in fps?
That is exactly what my experience is with CoD online. Everthing's smooth as silk (FPS ~40-50) until a few human players come into vicinity, then FPS drops badly (Single digits). Strange enough, this is not the case offline. I have tested with more than a hundred AI ac in the air, and there was barely a slowdown.

Perhaps this is due to AI's being subject to extremely simplified physics (if any) and FM/DM compared to human players, which means a whole lot more data must be transmitted back and forth (bandwith) and processed client-side (CPU) when flying online against human players.

Anyhow, it detracts from the online experience. Hopefully the finalized patch will address this issue, among others.

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