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Originally Posted by Nevar View Post
Lina I'm on the fence about.
Lina is arguably the best, even taking into account Reaper's "Time Back" (which really is awesome). The orb gives you a level5 free target, inasmuch as nearly every critter will choose to attack it rather than your normal army.

Much more significantly, she has the Chargers.
The ones for rage just mean that they are mitigating the rage cost of using the ability, while the ones for mana help you convert rage into mana.
But perhaps most importantly, they let your armies MOVE FASTER, particularly when you upgrade her to the point where she's putting out 6 of the darn things.
If you happen to have level3 Haste then some of your troops who walk across the Chargers can wind up with a net +3 (or more!) to their effective speed, blitzing across the map to crush your enemies.
The *only* down-side to the ability is that they come out in random placement.
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